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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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Internet Security
It is essential to protect your network and computers, even your staff, against attack over the Internet. These attacks include direct attempts to take control of your servers and indirect attacks through e-mail and web sites such as viruses, trojans, and spyware. Your staff may receive unsolicited messages such as bulk commercial e-mails ("spam") or scams attempting fraud or identity theft ("phishing").

Such attacks on your network's integrity are not just a matter of inconvenience and wasted resources; you may find your passwords and other confidential information have been quietly sent to criminal gangs, or that your browser pops up adverts every few minutes. If attacks on other companies originate from your network after it has been compromised you may become caught up in criminal investigations or even be liable for damages. Similarly, you have a legal responsiblity to protect your staff from being forced to view inappropriate or offensive content received via e-mail or as a result of your browsers being infected.

We can install firewalls and content filters to defend your company against these threats. We can provide you with advice on areas such as Employment Law and the Computer Misuse Act to ensure your organisation complies with current legislation and best practice guidelines.

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